Friday, February 18, 2011

Two Months Home

So a lot has happened we since we came home.

The girls have settled into a routine and are sleeping through the night (sorta). They went from being terrified of our two cats to terrorizing them with their delighted screams every time they see them. They went from hysterical fear of our dog to being best buddies. They are learning more and more English everyday.

Both girls love music and sing a lot. Sisi (one of our guides in Nanchang) taught our group a song about a chicken that they sing all the time. We could not remember the words so Larry e-mailed Sisi and she sang it for us - the girls love to hear it and sing along. They also love to dance to music. One of the things that amazed us in China was their gymnastic abilities - they both would do forward head rolls in the hotel and since coming home they also do them off their toddler beds. Can't say I loved that development, but at least they are toddler beds so they aren't too high up.

We have a great pediatrician who has sent us to multiple doctors including an audiologist (the girls hear just fine) so when they ignore us they really are ignoring us. We also went to an ophthalmologist and found out the girls needed glasses. We did not see that coming. So we have embarked on getting the girls used to glasses. Two and a half year olds and glasses - let's just say it is a challenge - although not as bad as I had feared.

The girls personalities have started to become more distinctive. Rose is the more assertive one and loves to mother her doll and Roni is a shall we say gentler soul who loves to figure out how things work.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time in your lives. Glad it's going so well.


  2. So sweet! I love following your blog! Our little Xin Yu blessing is going to be 3 on Sunday. She loves to do "fwip fwops" too!