Friday, May 31, 2013

Party Time

So the girls have just three days left in Pre-K before they are out of school for the summer.  All three days are early release days, which means they will get out at 12:10 instead of 1:30.  This also means they will not be taking a nap.  Both girls have been anti-nap for quite some time so they are needless to say thrilled.  In addition to no naps they will have a party each day.  Friday is a pizza/movie (Finding Nemo) party,  Monday is a treasure hunt/slushy party, and Tuesday is a graduation party.

Today they went to school with a pack of cookies in each backpack and wearing their favorite dresses.  I hope they manage to keep the pizza off the nice dresses, but if they don't there is always spot remover.  I started to tell them they couldn't wear the nice dresses, but they won't be able to wear them next year even if they still fit because of the school uniform policy so I decided to let it go.  I'm not a big fan of all these parties, but I am guessing that most classes are starting to wind down.

The girls did get their test results back for the year and I am proud to say that they did really well.  Their capacity to learn is amazing.  When I think back to how they were when they first came home and compare it to how they are now it fills me with joy.

Rose and Roni Spring 2011

Ross and Roni now

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why We Tell Our Girls "Their" Story

Rose and Roni are adopted - a simple fact that can be so very complicated.  We have always told them their adoption story.  Even when they didn't really have any idea what we were saying.   We started to tell it to them even in China.  Sadly we don't have all the details, just the limited information supplied by their SWI.  So we tell the story as best we can and to the level of their ability to understand.  As they grow the tougher questions have started to come up.

For a while they thought that all babies were adopted.  It made sense that they would think all families were formed by adoption since it is all they knew.  Then they began to notice pregnant women and we had to have the talk - you know the one about babies and where they come from and birth mommies in more detail.  So far I don't think the full impact of their story is fully understood, but that day is coming.

So we tell them their story often - it helps us to become more comfortable with the discussion and conveys that there is nothing to be hidden or shameful about adoption.  Yes, I know adoption is about loss for the birth parents and a loss of part of an adoptees identity, but it also a beautiful thing where a family can exist where it didn't before where you look at your child and have a "there you are" moment.  I've looked for you for so long and now here you are.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's Been a Long Time

I haven't written in a long time.  It's hard to believe that my girls are going to kindergarten in the fall. They have grown so much in such a short time.

In a few days the girls graduate from two years of Pre-K.  They are excited to be moving on to Kindergarten.

Roni is a gentle and kind girl who loves to play princess.  She's into dancing and singing.  She loves to have family gatherings and just being with her family.  She is a friend to everyone.


Rose loves sports.  She loves to pretend to be a pony and usually takes the lead in their imaginative play.  She likes to tell stories and has a great imagination.