Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Meeting Grace Lin

Last night the girls got to meet Grace Lin.  I posted a recommendation for her books the other day.  Our FCA (Families with Children from Asia) group were privileged with the honor of her doing a presentation for our group.  We ate a hasty dinner and rushed over to the local church for the event.  Rose had drawn a picture for Grace, but forgot to take it. She told us she forgot it when we were halfway there after fighting traffic for almost twenty minutes.

We got in line with everyone else and waited for our turn.  The girls were excited - they each had one of the Ting and Ling books in hand.  Rose noticed that all the girls had black hair like her and Roni - she thought that was cool.  Thy liked even better meeting Grace - Roni kept telling me how pretty Grace was.  She was very gracious, loved seeing twins - she asked that they take a picture for her of her with the girls.  Rose and Roni were so excited to meet her.

Meeting Grace Lin

After everyone got to meet Grace Lin we all sat down to wait and we didn't have to wait long.  The kids who were Kindergarten age and younger were invited up front and Grace read them the Ugly Vegetables.  After the reading she answered questions - Rose and Roni both asked questions - they were both so darn cute.  

Then the younger kids were invited to go do an activity while she talked to the older kids about Year of the Dog and Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.  The kids asked a lot of really good questions.  I loved that they got the chance to meet someone who looked like them and shared their heritage, who was successful, talented and so smooth in how she talked about and taught them about Chinese legends.  She also taught them how to draw a dog, tiger, dragon and monkey.  Oh and talked to them about the animals in the Chinese zodiac in an entertaining way. It was a wonderful experience.  Rose and Roni did take a break and they both drew Grace a picture, but they came back in time to learn how to draw the tiger, dragon and monkey.  

Drawing the monkey.

After the drawing lessons we got a group photo of all the kids with Grace Lin and then my girls got the honor of giving her a gift from the group.  As we left they were given a yummy dragon cookie that they ate on the way home.  

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