Sunday, June 22, 2014

Disney Fun

Just got back from a weekend with the mouse.  We stayed at Pop Century, which is a budget resort and when they say that they mean it.  Little rooms, out dated furnishings, plain jane pools, etc.  - but the price was right, we were able to get a rollaway bed and they had a deal where they threw in a Memory Maker.  We actually got photos with daddy in them, which is a first.  (I'll post some when my DH downloads them).

We arrived on Friday night and turned in early because we were meeting our friends for breakfast and Magic Kingdom in the am.  On Saturday we had a blast at the park even though it was broiling hot and one twin kept managing to lag behind (she is easily distracted by birds and small animals) how she always spots them at a busy park I don't know.  Even though the park was packed we got to see lots of attractions in Fantasyland (a young girls dream part of the park) because so many people were lined up to see Anna and Elsa and to ride the new coaster.  

We ate at Downtown Disney for dinner and it was nuts there.  They have decided to plow up just about every parking space they have (it looks like they are building a multi-level parking garage).  So we had to take an extra twenty minutes to drive around looking for a place to park.  We ate at Portobellos (the food was okay, but the service was slow).  After dinner we went back to the hotel and went swimming.  

Sunday we went to Hollywood Studios and ate at Hollywood and Vine.  If your kids like Jake, Doc McStuffins, Sophia and/or Handy a Manny you can be a hero if you take them there.  The food is a buffet, better than some, but still food for the masses.  But the chance for kids to sing and dance with cartoon characters is classic.  Rose, Roni and their buddy Lily had a blast.

Hair adornments at Magic Kingdom.

Me and Roni at dinner

Roni and Daddy

Me and my Rose

Lily photo bombing our silly selfie

Lily, Rose and Roni at Hollywood Studios.

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