Friday, November 5, 2010

Unexpected Miracles

Whenever Larry goes away for business he comes back with a gift for me.  Since we have gotten closer to the referral the gifts have been smaller in dollar value, but often times very sentimental.  The last trip he took he gave me two beaded bracelets called lucky karma beads.  The first was rose quartz and the card said love.  The second was agate beads and the card said unexpected miracles.  I have worn both bracelets since he gave them to me.

Flash forward to our referral – we were expecting one child, but we have had a name for a second daughter almost from the start just in case.  That big old red thread was working and the miracle that is Rose was realized and along with her came the unexpected miracle - Roni.  I feel so blessed that Larry and I are being given the honor of raising these two girls. 



  1. awww! Congrats! I'm the mama to twins from China too!

    You will simply LOVE life!

    SO blessed!

  2. How fortuitous! It is a big honor to be given children by a foreign government and told that they trust you to raise those children with love forever. We are definitely the lucky ones.

  3. FYI-I've been trying to read your Test blogs (for travel, I assume) but when I click on them it says the page does not exist. Just tried Test 3.

  4. Loving your babies!!!! We have a beautiful, smart Xin Yu daughter!!! There is a Xin Yu Yahoo group that was a tremendous source of help to me. I look forward to following your journey!
    Yu Xin Fang is Lydia Joy Grimes!!

  5. Congratulations!! That is wonderful news. I am the proud mom to a Xinyu girl myself and happened upon your blog on the Xinyu SWI yahoo. I'll be following your journey with great anticipation (and nostalgia!).

    Mom to Yu Cai Wen, now known as Claire, age 4 1/2, and Ren from Guangong, age 4.