Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We have received our TA

We have received our TA (Travel Agreement) from China.  As far as they are concerned we can come and get the girls.  Today we also recieved our Visa's back from the Chinese consulate.  All we need now is an appointment from the US consulate in China.  Of course at this point we still do not know if the embassy ever received the completed I171 from the US government.  Hopefully we will know soon.

Soon to be Baba (爸爸)


  1. WOW... that was quick to get your TA... congrats... let the fun begin :)

  2. congrats on your speedy TA. Hope all goes smoothly from here on out and you have as quick of CA. Looking forward to seeing you in China with your girls in your arms soon.

  3. Wow! That was fast!!! Our little Xinyu beauty was soooo worth the wait!!! 3 1/2 years....it all melts away in a moment! As you make the final preperations I wouild recommend the Galactic Peace Hotel over the old favored Gloria Grand. You will be positioned to a safe pedestrian Mall with much better food selections. Also, I believe they have a playroom. The GG does not and we found it treacherous navigating the streets alone to get to the market and such. I was told the the Xinyu OD places children in the Hotels' Lobby, and this was true for us. Also, we did the adoption only a few hours after getting our daughter as the Xinyu OD and Nannies did not wish to spend the night. Also, since you're getting twins you may consider staying at the Holiday Inn Shifu on Guangzhou proper as their rooms are 3 time bigger than the White Swans. It was only a 2 block walk to the footbridge of Shamain Island.