Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So now everything is done and we are waiting for our TA and an appointment from the US Embassy, Right? Wrong.  The NVC (National Visa Center) has not received our I-171 from the NBC (National Benifits Center).  What does this mean?  The NVC can not send the information to the Embassy until they get the updated information from the NBC.  The Embassy in Guangzhou will not schedule an appointment for us without the document and we can not go get our girls until we have an appointment.  It is maddening to think that after 5 years of waiting we have to go through something like this.

I have a call in to our officer at the NBC, she took care of us when we needed the I-171 finished, so I hope that she will come through for us now.



  1. I'm so sorry CIS, NBC, NVC and all the other acronyms are not doing their jobs. Hang in there, it will be worth it in the end, as it was for us. We celebrate our 5th Forever Family Day with our twin daughters today.

  2. I do think that our patience is exhausted by the end and these pesky little glitches (pesky compared to a five year wait, that is) just get on our very last frayed nerve! Hang in there.