Saturday, January 8, 2011

More on Gotcha Day (December 12th 2010)

So now that we are home and have the girls flipped to our time zone I have time to update the blog.

After we got the girls we went up to our room and settled them onto the bed. Looking back I realize they were pretty shut down, but at that moment all I could do was marvel at how beautiful they were. We played for a while - they were very quiet and did not cry much at all. When we did undress them for bed we found that they were dressed in three layers of clothes - the little red Chinese suits were on top, the next layer were sweaters and knit split pants. The final layer were pj's. Other than the top layer nothing was new, but it was clean and they fit. Most of what we had brought was too big. Fortunately we did not bring much with us as we planned to purchase clothes once we were sure of their sizes. They were 28 months old and needed 18 month clothes. They were so tiny.

We dressed them in the pj's we had packed - they were too big. After a bottle and some more time playing quietly on the bed we put them in their cribs - they laid down and rattled the tops from their bottles against the bars of the crib. It was the only night that we were in China where they slept in their cribs.

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