Monday, January 24, 2011

More on the trip - the playroom at the Jinfeng Hotel, Nanchang China (December 14th-16th 2010)

So one of the best things about the stay in Nanchang was the playroom at the Jinfang Hotel. It was on the 11th floor and was a wide open space for the kids to play In. The downside was it was a little too open. The entrances were both just open gaps - they did have quite a few square ottoman type things that you could use to block off escape route - we used them each time. It did not stop the girls from laying across them so they could see each approaching person. They both would call out to every hotel staff person they saw.

It was nice because the girls could move aaround - unlike the hotel room that had very little room for them to explore. They had a TV that had a DVD in it with songs in Chinese that we played several times. They also had several walkers (that the girls did not need) take that pediatrician that we consulted with who expressed concerns about the girls development after reading an old medical report. They also had a scary white rabbit rocker type toy made of a hard plastic that had a weird look in it's pink eyes. The girls wanted nothing to do with it and I don't blame them it was creepy looking. There was a chistmas tree in the room as well behind a tiny picket fence - I must have said no at least 20 times each visit as the girls reached out to touch the lights or the ornaments - the tree fell over one time while we were in the room. The play area was really better suited for younger children. It did however give us time outside of the hotel room.

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  1. We also stayed at the Jinfeng on our adoption trip in June 2008. At that time, the playroom had the white rabbit, a matching red rabbit rocker and two walkers plus some of those interlocking foam mat things. No TV, nothing else. And it was HOT! We turned on the air to cool it down and when we'd come back to the room, housekeeping had turned it off again. But, we had fantastic views of the beautiful pagoda just outside our window. I'd love to go back someday!