Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nanchang Wal Mart (December 13th, 2010)

At the afternoon after the adoption we went to Wal Mart. We were told we could not take photos inside so we don't have any. The store was 3 floors and was much larger than even a super Wal Mart is here.

We first went to the baby area for supplies. Since we had been uncertain as to the correct size we didn't have a lot of diapers in reserve so the first thing we got were diapers and new sippy cups. Oh and some crazy bathtub stickums that Roni managed to snag that we couldn't get away from her. We then went onto the clothes and the stroller area. Unfortunately we got to the strollers too late to get the model we wanted and we wound up with very inexpensive umbrella strollers - it turned out to be a good choice as one of the strollers was damaged on the first in China flight. As for clothes we didn't have a big selection, but we were able to get the girls some warm pj's and a couple of tops and pants. While we were getting clothes and the strollers a man who was mentally ill started to follow our group around the store.

We left the area and went back downstairs. On the way we encountered one of the neatest inventions I have ever encountered - they had an escalator that was magnetic - the carts were held in place by the magnet until we got off at the bottom. It was really cool. In the food section they had a wide variety of items. We were able to purchase Pepsi Max, which was the only diet soda we could find. We also got Lays stacks cool cucumber flavored potato chips - I loved them. Each aisle had at least one worker attending to it. In one area they had set up a display for some noodle bowl type thing and there were several young girls in tight military like red dresses and tall boots that I think were working the booth. The crazy man was still following us so they had to get security to remove him.

All Wal Marts are apparently the same in that there is always at least one item that does not scan properly. When we got ready to check out - the strollers (remember the cheap ones we didn't really want) were not scanning properly so we had to wait for a price check. Needless to say we were the last of our group to leave the store. Oh and yes they did sell chicken feet in the store. We did not buy any.

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