Sunday, September 22, 2013

Author Recommendation

In October our local FCA (Families With Children from Asia) chapter is hosting Grace Lin.  Grace is a children's book author and illustrator.  Her parents immigrated from Taiwan and she grew up in New York.  I have been reading some of her books to prep for her visit and have shared several with my girls.

Her first book, The Ugly Vegetables, was published in 1999.  She has subsequently written and illustrated numerous children's books and novels, including the Pacy series and Where the Mountain Meets the Moon which was a recipient of a 2010 Newberry Honor book mention.  Her most recent novel is Starry River of the Sky.  I have not yet read Starry River of the Sky, but I read and loved the Pacy series, especially Dumpling Days and I particularly enjoyed Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.  

In addition to these books she has written two early readers, Ting and Ling Not Exactly the Same and Ting and Ling Share a Birthday.  Rose and Roni love both of these books.  They are about twins and are comprised of six short chapters per book.  The illustrations are adorable and the stories are cute and for the mom of twins oh so spot on.  

Rose reading Round is a Mooncake, illustrated by Grace Lin

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