Monday, September 16, 2013

More About the Puppies

We have had several friends tell us we are crazy to get two puppies and maybe we are.  But we had people react similarly when we said we were matched with and adopting twins.  The girls loved Connor, our corgi who greeted them and taught them about dogs when they came home.  They have been asking for a dog ever since.  They like the same things, but do best if they each have their own (fill in the blank).  They both both want to walk, carry, feed, and care for a dog.  I am willing and capable of caring for two.

Once we decided to get a puppy we had to decide on a breed.  The DH has wanted a Jack Russell for quite some time.  I am open to most any breed.  Our girls have tons of energy and so do Jack Russell's - our hopes are that they will cancel each other out.  Plus I am looking forward to having walking buddies.

Now that the girls know about the puppies they are starting to count down the days till they come home and so is mommy.

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