Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Puppies Are Home

This morning we drove out to the farm and picked up the puppies.  The girls were so excited that they barely ate breakfast and it took some convincing to get them to agree that the puppies had to ride in the crate and not in their laps on the way home.  We stopped at our local Pet Smart to pick out harnesses and supplies.  The girls each rode in a cart with their puppy as we rolled round the store.  Ohana quickly established that she was the alpha pup, she barked at all the dogs, big, small and in between.  

When we got home we introduced them to the kitchen which we have gated off as their territory for the  first few months.  The pups settled right in like they had always lived here.  Rose and Roni spent the entire day by the puppies sides holding them, brushing them, playing with them and walking them in the front yard.  They even spent time "sleeping" with them.  It was hard to get them to go to bed.

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