Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Few Words About Baba (Daddy): Happy Father's Day

I am posting this early since we will be at Disney on Father's Day.

Fifteen years ago I married the love of my life.  I never thought it was possible to find someone who would cherish and honor me until I met my wonderful husband.  We have weathered many storms together - the death of his mother, miscarriages, and failed fertility treatments.  He has been my rock through every challenge life has thrown our way.  Throughout our marriage I knew that he was meant to be a father.  After many doors closed for us we came to adoption.  I had always thought of adoption as wonderful way to build a family and once we discussed it we quickly decided to move forward.

Once we decided on adoption and chose China the hard work started.  My husband was a true rock star - he did most of the paper chasing and remained calm while I fretted over each step.  He helped me with my frantic house cleaning prior to our home study, calmed me down when we hit delays and shared in my daydreams about life as parents.  Every month the number of days referred seemed to shrink and the projected time till match began to become more distant and uncertain, but we kept our dreams alive.

When we finally got our referral he filmed it with the second video camera he had purchased during our long wait.  I love to watch this video and see the look in his eyes when we heard we were going to be the parents of twin girls.  The day we first held them was so special - I felt honored to be their mother and to begin such an important new journey with my husband.  We went from husband and wife to mommy and baba (daddy) in a flash.

One of my favorite times of the day is when the girls run to their daddy's arms when he returns home in the evening.  I am so lucky to get the honor of being his wife and the mother to our girls.

Happy Fathers Day to a Super Daddy.


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