Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Pirates League - Magic Kingdom

Today the girls had a 9:15 am appointment at the Pirates League for a makeover.  Before we went Rose planned on being a pirate and Roni was going to be a mermaid.  Once we got there it totally flipped - Rose wanted to be a mermaid - like cousin K and Roni wanted to be a pirate Empress.  The girls were all promptly taken inside and after a brief ceremony where Rose and Cousin K signed the mermaid book and Roni was given a pirate name they were assigned to stylists.  The entire experience was great.  The stylists were all attentive and they all stayed in character the whole time.

Roni getting her pirate name

Rose getting her nails done


Cousin K getting her make up

Roni checking her reflection

Smile Roni

Check out the fish scales

Roni giving a pirate oath



The girls and cousin K

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