Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bullies Stink

Today my sweet Roni was bullied and of all places it happened at Vacation Bible School.  Today when I picked the girls up, Roni, was sad.  On the way to the car she shared that some "big kids" during a game of freeze tag knocked her glasses off her face and laughed at her.  Rose confirmed that it happened and that it wasn't an accident.  Neither girl thought to tell a teacher and Roni told me she didn't want to go back and if she did she didn't want wear her glasses.  I told her she would be going back and she would be wearing her glasses.  Getting them to wear their glasses has been a constant struggle for us.  We talked about how some people don't make good choices and how it is wrong to tease others and to push them or touch them without permission.  I assumed her I would be talking to her teacher tomorrow about the situation and if it happened again I wanted them to go tell the teacher right away.  

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