Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Adventures in Beading

On Sunday at Super Walmart while grocery shopping I spotted beading kits on sale for $3.  Both girls loved making Halloween bracelets last fall at one of our local art shows so I thought it would be a fun project for us to do this summer.

We decided to make the bracelets today after lunch.  Roni has been wanting to do it since we got home - she loves her bling.  We started out excited.

The girls put the first few beads on without too much trouble. 

Then their enthusiasm fizzled.  They still wanted bracelets, they just didn't want to put the beads on the cord.  So mommy took over and my enthusiasm waned quickly too.  The beads were small and my eyes are old - it quickly became a task I just wanted over - like scrubbing the floors or cleaning the cat box.  I finished Rose's bracelet first - she had almost completed hers.  Then I dropped the string twice on Roni's, all the beads fell (mostly in the plate I was using for a tray) when I was trying to tie it off.  This of course meant I had to string hers three times.  They loved the finished product and we have plenty of beads left.  I think the left overs will somehow get "lost" for a few months.

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