Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kids and Animals

Growing up my family always had pets.  While we worked on starting a family we had pets - two cats and a dog.  I never thought we would have any problems with the pets and our future children.  Then we were matched with the girls and while we are in China I notice on one of the information sheets we were given that they listed as being afraid of animals.  But I till dismiss it as they only show curiosity during the rare animal encounters we have in China.  When we get home the cats are there - Connor our corgi is at a kennel.  They pet the cats and laugh.  We go to my sisters house the next day for Christmas and they chase her cats all over the house laughing. Then we return home.

The girls are terrified.  They scream hysterically every time they see the cats and it's no better when Connor returns home.  It doesn't take long for the cats to get the message - they go into hiding like any self respecting cat.  But Connor persists - he's a dog and dogs never give up.  We put up a screen  door Inside the house to block off the back bedrooms which is the girls domain from the cats and the dog.  We put up baby gates to keep the dog in the front of the house.  It becomes a dance to keep all the inhabitants of the home calm.

Eventually the girls make their peace with Connor.  He has never given up - constantly watching he girls and begging to be with them.  I am grateful they had their time with him as he passed away unexpectedly last September.

At last the girls stop screaming every time the cats are out, but they don't forgive easily.  After a year and a half of living in the same space Duncan makes the first move.  He starts to come out into the room.  It isn't long before the girls are carrying him around the house - taking him into their room for tea parties and sneaking cups of cat food for him.  

Then after two years home Methos makes his move.  He comes out of hiding, but makes it clear he's not going to be attending any tea parties, but he's more than happy to snuggle.

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