Monday, June 17, 2013

Arabian Nights: American Princess

Our last night in Orlando we went to a dinner show.  All the girls love horses and princesses so a show about horses and a princess seemed like a good choice.  Finding the place was an adventure - thank you GPS.  We had to predictably go through a gift shop to enter and leave.  We got VIP passes so we got to see the horses up close and the girls got to sit on one and got to pet one of the stars of the show.


The food was close to cafeteria quality, but all of that didn't really matter once the stars of the show appeared.  The horses were amazing, the story entertaining, an American girl discovers she is a princess on her 21st birthday.  She has to find her prince before the day ends and with the help of a genie in a magic lamp finds her true love in a prince who loves horses.  Of course there is a villain - an evil prince.  All ended well with true love triumphing over evil.  The girls loved it.  During the show Roni kept saying the show was freaking her out and Rose wanted to bring home every horse we saw.  It was a great last night of a really fun birthday weekend.  We really had a great time celebrating with cousin K for her birthday.

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