Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Good Day that Became a Bad Day that Became a Good Day

Most mornings in our household start with the girls sneaking into our bedroom and jumping on our bed.  Sometimes it's just being silly and then there was today....

The girl on our headboard is Rose.  The day started out good - if a little crazy.

Then it got bad.  I had a continuing education class that I registered for a few weeks ago.  Both girls had cried much of the evening before because they didn't want me to go.  So DH and the girls took me to class and this is where it got bad.  We got to the classroom early so they could see where I would be.  No one was there and as time went by no one came. It became obvious pretty quickly that the class had been cancelled and I wasn't told.  This is the second class that has not happened this summer, the first was due to low registration (I received a call that it was cancelled) and I'm pretty sure this one was as well.  I called the continuing Education office which of course was not open since it is Saturday and left a message.  Needless to say I was disappointed and a little angry.

Then it got good.  We left the school and wound up at a Barnes and Noble bookstore - by luckily chance they were doing a kids event about the solar system.  The girls had a blast - they got to color stickers and then put them on a star scape.  Both girls really enjoyed the craft.  It took a long time because they both had to stick every sticker they colored on the star scape and there were a bunch of stickers.


After the book store we went to lunch at Ruby Tuesday where the girls enjoyed chicken noodle soup and DH and I had their Fit and Lite Fare which is yummy and still in theory, good for us.  

Following lunch we went to Sam's Club to pick up a few items.

Rose got a little container of cheese balls.

They both got a new dress.  

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