Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Family Movie Outing

We have a movie theater in town that for several years operated as a discount theater showing movies that might still be in the theater, but definitely were not first run.  A few years back they closed with no fanfare.  Then a few weeks back we heard they were reopening.  Up to this point the girls have only been to a theater once with mixed results - last summer when a I took them to see Puss in Boots.  So yesterday we stopped by to see what movies were playing with the idea of trying to go as a family.  The theater was open with a couple of kid friendly films on the schedule, but there was a catch - they only take cash, we didn't have any and they don't have an ATM.  So we regrouped and decided to try again the next day.

We had a light lunch after church so we would enjoy our popcorn and headed out.  The theater is run down, but no worse than it was when we last went a few years back.  At least our feet didn't stick to the floor and they had cup holders.  The movie was $2 per person and along with a two drink/big popcorn special we all four went to the movies for $19.  The girls did great, we saw The Croods - it was a little intense for them in a few parts, but when it was over they wanted to see it again, which is always a good sign.  We will definitely go again.  

Oh and after we were so frugal at the movies we stopped by Toys R Us where the girls tried to convince me they really needed their own car.


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