Monday, June 17, 2013

Little Pitchers Have Big Ears

Rose and Roni had a mission this morning.  We have a set of piggy banks set up on top of a bookcase out of reach.  They have been determined to have them for weeks now.  So this morning in a moment of weakness - they are most adept at pleading - I let them have one that we had purchased at a flea market.  They promised to keep it on their dresser and just admire it.  I should have known that promise wouldn't last.  Within the hour they had named it Dora and were playing actively with it - making it a bed, putting a plastic crown on it's head.  Less than three hours after getting it a loud crash came from the playroom followed by crying.  Dora was in pieces on the floor.  I cleaned up the mess and muttered that I was stupid to let them have it.

Rose piped up, "Did you watch too much Sponge Bob mommy?"

You see the other day we were talking with Cousin K's mom and dad and Sponge Bob came on the TV.  I mentioned that DH had read that watching Sponge Bob makes you dumb.  My little pitcher was obviously listening in.  Made me laugh.

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