Saturday, June 29, 2013

Last Day of Vacation Bible School

Friday was the last day of VBS.  After talking to the teachers about the kids laughing at Roni's glasses we had no more issues with anyone being bullied.  The rest of the week went well - the girls had fun every day.  On Friday morning the girls got up and while I was cooking breakfast they went to the bedroom and dressed theirselves.

Roni wore a coat because she says it is cold in "big church" and Rose wore a fuzzy vest.

After I dropped off the girls I talked to their Grammy and Pop Pop and found out they wanted to come to the VBS celebration that night - so I drove back to the church and got extra meal tickets.  When VBS let out that afternoon it was storming so after a mad dash for the car we drove home and the girls played until their daddy came home.  We went back to church for the closing ceremonies and dinner.  The girls participated in a performance with their class.

It was cute, but Rose was clearly not as into it as Roni was.

Then we ate dinner with Grammy and Pop Pop.  The girls barely ate because they were eager to jump in the bounce houses and get their faces painted.  Both girls had great fun jumping - they found a little boy who had been in their class and spent the entire jump time playing with him.  It was so cute.  Then they all three went inside and got their faces painted and had snow cones.

Rose chose butterflies

Roni asked to be a rainbow

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