Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's Official

The girls are now Pre-K graduates.  They had a class party today with snacks and a cake (one of their classmates had a birthday).  The girls were thrilled that I came to the party.  They told their friends my name is mommy so I had twenty preschoolers calling me mommy.  It was so sweet.

I cannot believe how fast time is going.  I take back all the times I wished they would grow up and find myself wishing that I could slow down time.

Roni and Rose China 2009

Rose 1st Day of Pre-K
August 2011

Roni 1st Day of Pre-K
August 2011
Spring of 2012

Spring of 2012
Rose Pre-K Graduation
June 2013


Roni Pre-K Graduation
June 2013

Hooray for Summer

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