Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Builders

Today we went to Lowes after lunch for a Build and Grow Kids clinic - we were building a Monsters University school trunk.  We are big fans of activities we can do with the girls that are low or no cost.  We've have had great luck at Home Depots Kids Workshops, but our only attempt at a project at Lowes went badly and consequently I was not optimistic that it would be any more successful.  We arrived early to beat the crowds and were almost done building before it got crowded.

The store provides an apron and goggles that you get to keep, the tools to build that you don't keep, the kit, a certificate of completion and patch for the apron.  The kit this time was a little easier than the last, but it still had a lot more parts than the kits at Home Depot and was certainly not something a young child could build without assistance.  We wound up doing more of the actual building than the girls did.  But they had fun putting the stickers in place and were thrilled with the finished project.

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