Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wellborn Blueberry Festival

It's a sure sign of a small festival if the drive to get there takes longer than it does to visit all the booths.

We got up, had a good breakfast and headed out for the 20th Annual Blueberry festival in Wellborn.  We had high hopes, full bellies (the girls had a snack for the drive) and the girls were primed for adventure.

After securing a parking space we headed for the festival with high hopes.  Only to find a small, county town festival with most of the booths selling various plants, children's clothes or purses.  There was a scattering of variety - one booth with cool hand made wooden toys including pink John Deere Tractors, another selling hand crafted soap and one with hand crafted swings.  Only two booths sold anything relating to blueberries - one selling plants and one selling festival shirts.  


They did have hula hoops and even though Rose hasn't mastered swimming - she ruled at the hula hoop!


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