Thursday, June 20, 2013

Busy Day

Today was a busy day.  We got up and after breakfast (grits) a huge favorite of the girls they colored.  We got them a bunch of big coloring books for Christmas - they had colored in them a little and then lost interest preferring to draw freehand.  But recently they have started back drawing in them.  Their favorite is a Brave coloring book - they recently watched the movie again which sparked their interest in the book.  The book is huge and has the added attraction of having a big sheet of stickers.

After coloring for about an hour they played in their room.  I had to keep making frequent trips into the room to insure they weren't jumping from their dresser to the bed.  Then they did their favorite game - princess and pony.  Rose found a piece of white sticker and put it on her face for a "bridle".  They have such huge imaginations it always makes me smile.

After lunch the girls cleaned up their porch.  Then we went to the pool.  The girls had a huge break through yesterday on the swimming front. Roni has been "swimming" for a few weeks, but was not allowing me to be too far away.  Rose had tried, but decided her her body was not ready.  Then yesterday it suddenly clicked.  They spent two hours swimming back and forth between me and their Aunt DeeDee.  I had to drag them out of the pool.  So today we went back and the girls started to jump into the pool and swim to me.  When their daddy got off work he joined us and took a bunch of photos with a disposable underwater camera.  We left the pool and went to dinner - Daddy tried to drop off the camera at a CVS drug store, but the photography lab was closed.  The girls both drew pictures of bugs.

Then we drove to yet another CVS to try to drop off the camera only to discover they have no photo lab.  The girls entertained me with their toys while we waited for daddy.

When we got home it was bed time - the girls were asleep less than five minutes after getting into bed.

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