Monday, June 10, 2013

Finding Their Currency

So as we neared summer I started to worry about the house and how I was going to keep up with the housework.  You see last year was hard - the girls are constant motion machines and I have to admit I have not really enforced any strict rules on cleaning up from one adventure before jumping to the next.  So instead of taking the time to figure out how to encourage better habits I made the big mistake of letting it go and the having to dig us out on my own, grumbling as I did so.  It made for a really grumpy mommy.

With the school year about to end it became clear that we needed a new plan and we needed it quick.  My hubby is smart, very smart.  He came up with a deal that the girls could not resist and not only is it working it's also teaching them about budgeting and making choices.  For everyday that they help me clean and wear an their eye patch for two hours (a story for another day) they earn a dollar.  They can spend their money on the weekend or save it up.  It seems that we have found their currency and it's real currency.  It does require some reminders, but three weeks in it is working.  We have a neater house, a happier mommy and two little girls who are learning the value of a dollar.

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