Monday, July 1, 2013

There Once Was a Little Girl ...

Today a little girl I have never met has had me on my knees in prayer.  Her name is Teresa.  She was adopted from China and has a serious heart defect.  This little girl has been a miracle - she came home and her family were told she was not going live because her heart and lungs were too damaged by disease.  But this little girl didn't die she thrived and recently under went a heart transplant.  Tragically her body has rejected the heart and Teresa is undergoing yet another operation to implant a Berlin Heart this morning.  If the operation is not successful her surgeon will have Teresa taken from the ER to her parents so she can be with her family when she passes.

So if you read this blog please take a moment to pray for a little girl who needs another miracle and her family who need strength to face the coming days no matter the outcome.

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