Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Reflection on Our Match

A recent conversation on an adoption board I frequent has been speculating about how China matches our children. For those who don't know about the process - each month (although recently it's been not as frequent) the CCCWA (China Center for Child Welfare and Adoption) takes all the files of all the NSN (non special needs for those who are not familiar with adoption from China) children and the files of the people who are next in line and "matches" the children to their future parents. There are those who are pragmatic - they say they take the families from each agency and work to match them with the children who match up number wise to a specific SWI (Social Welfare Institution - some prefer to say orphanage) so that travel groups stay together.  Others say they look for similarities between children and parents - for example the quiet, bookish child with the older professor, the out going, social child with the theater lover, or the athletic child with the coach.  That they use physical characteristics or similar/close birth dates.  Then there are some who say it is destiny that chooses.  

I don't really know how our girls were chosen for us.  I don't really care, what I do know is that they are everything I ever could have dreamed of and more.  Funny, smart, silly and oh so loving.  They make me laugh, they make me crazy, and they surprise me daily.

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