Sunday, July 21, 2013

School Supplies - in Particular Glue Sticks

Today we went out and got school supplies.  I remember being a kid and hating seeing the back to school signs in the store because it meant summer was almost over.  Now I see the signs and I hate to see them because I know it means school supply lists and schlepping around looking for the best buy on items like glue sticks, crayons, markers, hand sanitizer and Kleenex.  Armed with our Kindergarten list we went to our nearby Kmart and walked back out almost immediately. The prices were high compared to the adverts we'd seen for Target.  So even though it was across town we drove over and dashed in through a rain shower.

We had to get twenty glue sticks per kid - which meant we needed forty sticks.  Target sold glue sticks in packs of twelve which meant three packs equalled 36 sticks - short four.  They did not have any four packs so we had to buy a six pack.  There is a class limit of 18 kids per kindergarten class which means each class will have 360 sticks of glue for the year.  Florida schools must provide a minimum of 180 days of instruction which means each class will have two sticks of glue per day - that is a lot of glue.

Before we went shopping we went out for lunch.  

Roni loves Root Beer

Rose wound up with Root Beer and Fruit Punch - she decided it was better mixed.

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