Saturday, July 13, 2013

Follow up About the Play - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

I tried, really tried to get the girls to take a nap before the we saw Tom Sawyer, but only Roni slept.  After dinner we grabbed an ice cream cone at our favorite ice cream store and then headed to the theater.  It was preview night which meant all tickets are five dollars, the regular price is $16.  So after being advised that the show was likely to sell out we went early.  The House Manager came out and handed out numbers to all the people in line (like they do at a deli or the post office) this was to insure that those who got there early got in first.  Evidently they've had trouble in the past with people bum rushing the box office.  

Rose with a flower she picked.

We were let in at 7:00 pm to purchase tickets.  Once inside we had a thirty minute wait before we could go in and get seats.  So I took the girls to the potty and then we got in line behind a nice couple.  The woman was a teacher who had taught twin girls adopted from China - she chatted with us and then Rose told her all about her adoption story.  I was really proud of her - she may only be four (almost five), but she really has been listening to what we tell her.

They also flopped down on the floor for a while.

Then we were finally able to go inside and get seats.  The girls were full of questions about the set,  like were the cabins depicted on stage real or pretend.  Was the bucket on stage real or pretend.  Why did the seats have names on the backs. They started out in their seats.

Waiting for the show to start.

When the show began they quickly moved from sitting on their seats to our laps.  Both girls had adults sitting in front of them so they had to move in order to see - plus it got dark and the music was loud.  They enjoyed the show, but as it didn't start till 8:00 pm both girls started to struggle with their focus.  By the intermission Rose was asleep.  So we slipped out and went home.  Both girls were asleep and though they tried to rally when we got home - they were asleep with in a minute of laying down.

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