Monday, July 1, 2013

My Heart is Heavy

This morning I wrote about a very ill little girl who needed a miracle to heal her broken body.  Since that post she has gone to live with Jesus in heaven.  Her loving parents wrote on their blog, 

"At 3:23 pm on July 1st, Teresa has ridden her princess bike into Heaven to meet Jesus.  She had her ears pierced shortly before her last breath.  While we were not there when she took her first breath, God blessed us to be there when she took her last."

This little girl who touched so many lives is no longer with us, but when I look Into my daughters' eyes - I see the same wonder and love in their eyes that Teresa had in hers. How wonderful it would be if we all had the faith of a child.  In following her story I have been reminded of how precious a honor it is to be a parent and to treasure all the days we are gifted with.  

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