Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cat Scare

We have two cats, Methos and Duncan.  Both are older cats and while they are both still in good health, Methos has started a new undesirable behavior - hiding.  Ever since the girls moved into their new room he has been hiding under the dresser in their room.  While it's a pain, at least he's been easy to find.  That is until last night.  When the girls go to bed we put the cats up in the laundry room so they don't go into their room and wake them up.  So last night he was not under the dresser - we eventually found him hiding under a chair in our dining room.  Flash forward to tonight.

We've had a busy day and have been in and out of the house a lot.  So the front door has been left open several times in spite of my warnings to the girls.  When bed time came - once more he was missing.  Ugh.  We looked in all the usual places that a cat would hide - no cat.  Duncan was underfoot, but Methos was missing and not coming when we called.  It didn't take long for me to go to the worse case scenario.  Rose had said he was in the laundry room behind the drier, but I looked several times in the laundry room and didn't see him.  Finally I decided to move the cabinet beside the stacked washer and drier to see if he was hiding behind it.  If he wasn't there we were going to post flyers in the morning.  Just as I started to move things off the cabinet to pull it out he came strolling out of the covered litter box.  Crisis adverted.  

Glad we found Roni's buddy.

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