Sunday, July 7, 2013

Being a Family

The above sign is for the special family parking spot at our mall.  I cannot tell you how long I ached to be able to park in this spot.

Our girls love to talk about being family. When we first became one, after the initial days of shut down, they quickly embraced the concept.  Both girls love people, in fact when they first came home they loved everyone indiscriminately to the point where I worried they were mommy/daddy shopping.  We didn't hunker down like some adoptive parents do upon return with no exposure to any one outside the immediate family (mom, dad, siblings) instead we decided to pick what we hoped was a happy medium - where they were with family, but had their primary needs tended to by only their parents.  It seems to have worked.  Two and a half years together we are a solid team.

The girls like nothing more than a family party.  Both are currently planning their fifth birthday party, which is gulp less than a month away.  This past week they had so much fun playing with their cousins from South Carolina and their cousin T who lives here in town.

But they love being with their mommy and daddy most of all (we truly don't need many chairs in our house as they always want to sit on our laps).  Being a family is loving and trusting each other to be there when it counts.  At the pool today I sat back a bit and watched them playing with their daddy.  The trust they have in him is amazing to me.  More than the skill they are gaining in the pool I loved seeing their relationship with the number one man in their lives growing.

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