Monday, July 22, 2013

The Things They Do and Say

We were watching old music videos a while back.  Motley Crue came on.  Rose sees Vince Neil singing and says, "Wow that girl is cool."

A few months back Roni was dancing while watching Dancing with the Stars.  Her daddy said, "You are the best dancer in this house."  Roni said, "No daddy I'm the best dancer on the planet."

One day at the pool Roni looked at me and said, "Mommy can we do this forever?"  I asked her, "Stay at the pool?"  I was preparing for an all out fight not to leave the pool.  She shook her head and said, "No mommy - us - can we be together forever."  

We watch a show called American Ninja Warrior.  After the girls watch it they spend days practicing their "moves".  I walked into the girls room the other day - they were way too quiet.  I found Rose standing on the dresser.  She was telling Roni who was on the bed to duck down as she was clearly preparing to jump over her.  It's a miracle we haven't had more emergency room visits.

So this morning I was getting ready to go on a job interview.  Roni came in while I was putting on make up - something I don't often do.  She watched me for a moment and then said, "Why are you putting on make up.  Is it because you are jealous that we are so pretty."  I gave her the stink eye and finished putting on my lip stick.

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