Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Room

So we've decided to move the girls out of their large mother-in-law suite with door to the exterior to the two smaller bedrooms.  This decision is in part to get them out of a room with an exterior door and also because the bathroom attached to that bedroom is so isolated that it is difficult to monitor it's use.  The final straw was a recent wall washing incident that left the floors and walls wet in both the bathroom and bedroom.

In turn daddy's office will be moved to their old room along with our tread mill and futon.  This way his office will serve two functions - an office and guest room and the girls will each have their own space.  Because of a huge amount of stuff that we have accumulated over the years we have to do this in steps.

So after a bunch of fussing, tugging and hauling both girls are in the middle bedroom.  The plan being to sell and donate a bulk of the stuff we've been storing.  Once the stuff is whittled down we will move daddy to the bigger room and start planning for the second girls bedroom.  

Below are photos of the new room.  

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