Monday, July 29, 2013

Reading to Your Kids

Soap box time.  I believe in reading to your children.  We have made reading a daily part of our lives by reading bedtime stories to our girls.  They look forward to their story time each night (almost as much as i do) and pick out the books they want read each night.  Sometimes they go for weeks picking the same book or two over and over and other times they dig around and find something new.  But every night they cuddle up with me in bed and we read.  

If you don't read to your children ponder this.  Studies have shown that reading to your children helps you build a strong relationship.  It is a nurturing activity and encourages you both to slow down and be close.  Studies show that children who are exposed to reading early do better academically.  Reading helps your child with basic speech skills and nurtures communication skills as well.  The bottom line is that children who are read to in general are more likely to achieve academic excellence.  Besides it's just fun to read.

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