Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Yet Another Rainy Day

So today the forecast called for rain - again....  Sigh.  The girls have been getting restless and I was getting grumpy.  So we set out to the Regal Theater for another cheap kids flick.  This time we went to see Rio - I knew little about the movie other than it was rated G and there is a version of angry birds based on it.  We got there fifteen minutes before the film began and it was packed.  This time I didn't have daddy for back up, but it went great.  The film is entertaining, moves quickly and both girls loved it.  

After the movie we went to Grammy and Pop Pop's for lunch and to play with their cousins visiting from South Carolina.  The girls had a blast playing and Rose even got her first chess lesson.  

So I need to protect the pony?

Then we made a dash for the grocery store to try and beat yet another thunder storm so we could pick up the food we are taking tomorrow for the family 4th of July celebration.  It was a busy day - I think I know two little girls who will sleep well tonight.

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