Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Another Rainy Day

Recently all it seems to do is rain here.  We usually have a pool date with Aunt Dee Dee, but cancelled because it rained most of the morning and the forecast was for more rain in the afternoon.  So both girls and mom were feeling a little bit stir crazy.  We did come up with a rain plan for tomorrow.

But as to today - we watched the Disney version of Tarzan (again) and had chicken and stars soup for lunch.  The girls pretended to be ponies, had tea with their stuffed animals and played their new favorite Kindle game (a silly game where a little mouse sneaks around avoiding a cat and grabbing up cheese).  Whoever created this game certainly knows how to tickle their funny bone - I could tell every time they were playing with it as they both would burst out it belly laughs.  Somehow in the middle of all this fun Rose managed to trip and bust her nose.  At first I thought she was just stunned, but by the time we got to the bathroom it was a flood - I had blood on my neck, face and chest and Rose on her chin and in her mouth.  But oddly we didn't get any on the floors or clothing.  After pinching her nose for around five minutes we got the bleeding to stop and she managed to come out of it unscathed.

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