Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fun Day Failure

Both of our girls are horse crazy.  Ever since the Arabian Knights dinner show success we've been looking for an opportunity to take the girls to see horses again.  There is a large equestrian showcase facility just down the road from the house.  A local website that advertises fun things to do with your kids advertised a Hunter Jumper Show this weekend there - it was free- so we decided to go.  We didn't tell the girls where we were going. 

When we got there we found a show ring, where a bunch of young girls and their ponies were competing and settled down to watch.  The girls were excited and happy to be there.  But then things began to go downhill.  First Rose got upset because she wanted a horse.  Her daddy took her for a walk to talk to her and almost immediately after they left Roni began to plead for a pony.  It got so bad I finally got up and went to find Rose and the hubby so we could leave.  Both girls spent the entire ride home begging for a pony.  Thank goodness our house is not too far away so it wasn't a long ride.  A trip to the swimming pool cooled things off.

Then while we were cooking dinner the little angels managed to sneak off with daddy's phone.  They were trying to take a video of Roni.  Below are a couple of the photos that Rose took.

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