Tuesday, July 23, 2013

And the Best Dressed Kids Award Goes To...

We went to the grocery store this morning after a half hour fight.  One of the girls didn't want to leave the house because she wanted to wear her sisters shoes and said sister didn't want to share.  Finally the sister who didn't want to share decided she would and we managed to get going.  We were almost in the car when the elderly, self professed nearly blind mother of one of our neighbors called out to me.  She came over and told me that the neighbors were talking about the girls.  Evidently they all were commenting on how nicely the girls were always dressed.  

Now it happened that today both girls were in dresses, one needed to be ironed and the other was - I think - snuck out the hamper by it's wearer (upon closer inspection it was stained with fruit punch).  The dress that needed a quick press was accessorized with raggedy white "Dora" sandals that her toes hung over.  The "hamper" dress was white with orange stripes and the hotly contested zebra print shoes with hot pink lining on the bottom.  I had managed to run a quick brush through their hair and they both had reluctantly put on their glasses.  Neither girl had washed their face after breakfast.  

I thanked her a quickly loaded the girls in the car.  Hopefully I didn't blow the girls rep. 

They usually do look pretty cute.

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