Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sick Day

So four days before the girls birthday and we are all sick.  It started with the girls coughing at night and then the hubby started feeling icky and then I got up this morning with a slight fever.  Not a good time to get sick, my dad and his finance are coming over Thursday night to celebrate the girls birthday and then we are having a family party Saturday - so I've got house cleaning to do and birthday cakes to bake.  We went out to pick up cold medicine and grabbed lunch at Panda Express - the cups made me laugh - they said Panda Express - Gourmet Chinese.  The food was good, but it sure as heck wasn't gourmet.

We also looked for more clothes for the girls. Our county a few years back elected to go to a school uniform.  I am not happy with the policy as it has been hard to find the recommended clothing small enough to fit my slender girls.  They also don't have a uniform catalog, moms and dads just have to find clothing that fit a very narrow criteria.  I did manage to find a button up, collared shirt and jumper that will work - even though it is a bit on the large side.  

Rose modeling my latest school uniform find.

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