Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Epic" Day

The girls got us up this morning at 6:00 am - maybe one day they won't be such early risers.  We had a light breakfast and the girls played for a while.  They have been busy the past few weeks working to prove to us that they are ready for a puppy.  They've been practicing with their stuffed dogs.

We then had to run over to Super Wal Mart to get Roni's glasses tightened.  I don't know how she manages it, but it seems like her glasses are constantly needing adjustment.  I strongly recommend if you have kids that need glasses you check them out - the price is right and the service is really good.  Once we had her glasses adjusted we had them check Rose's as well and then Daddy got into the act as well.  Once everyone's glasses were checked we took a quick look at the toys - two little girls have a birthday coming up.  

At noon we took the girls to see the movie Epic at the $2 cinema.  The price really can't be beat all four of us can see the movie and have popcorn and a drink for less than $20.  Both girls seemed to enjoy it, but a few scenes were a bit shall we say intense (really scary bad guy - loud music).  We both wound up with a kid in our lap for over half the film.  Hopefully they will sleep okay tonight - they were both asleep by 6:45 pm.

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