Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tough Day

I don't know what was going on today, but the morning started out bad and things stayed that way pretty much all day. The girls were fighting from almost the moment they got out of bed.  Usually they get along together really well and play pretty much most of the day.  But today all bets were off.  I spent at least an hour acting as referee as each girl took turns running to me to tell on the other one.  Every time I would think the problem was resolved it wasn't.  It was very frustrating and kept reoccurring all day long.

Before lunch we went over to their school to drop off some clothes the girls had out grown - the school was looking for donations.  Additionally I wanted to turn in our proof of residency - the types of forms they want are not as easy to come by in this modern age. The really aggravating part about needing the forms is this is the same darn school they attended last year for Pre-K.  When I walked in the school secretary mixed me up with another mom of twins.  She told me I had not turned in the huge set of forms they require that I had already completed in duplicate at kindergarten round up.  After a great deal of me insisting I turned in the forms and saying she didn't have it she realized I wasn't the mom she thought I was.  Then we hit another snag they needed new medical forms.  I can't get the girls in for a physical until they are five ( the doctor's office rule) and they aren't five till August first.  Ugh!  So until they go to the doctor the girls can't be assigned a class.

When we got home my college called to tell me that yet another continuing education class I signed up for was cancelled.  I am sad because I finally decide to pursue a career change that I've always wanted and I can't get the stupid required classes.  On top of that I have new glasses and even though my prescription has not changed my eyes are hurting.  Sigh....

Below are photos of the trays that Wal Mart uses for eye glass orders.  The girls decided to decorate them.

Roni's tray.

Rose's tray.

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