Thursday, August 22, 2013

Already Trying to Get Out of School

At five this morning our sleep was interrupted by a shouting child.  Rose was letting us know that Roni was sick and therefore needed to stay home.  Since she was such a caring sister she would be more than happy to stay home and care for her sick sister.  The hubby tried to get her to go back to sleep, but instead she came into our bedroom and got in bed with me.  We both tried to get the girls back to sleep, but wound up giving up.  After a quick temp check we determined that Roni was okay other than a croup cough.  Both girls tried to get out of school.  Roni kept saying that the playground was too hot (she got too sweaty), the water was cold and made her hands cold when she washed them and they didn't run the fans in the cafeteria at aftercare.  I kept probing and it finally came out that she was upset because she didn't think she would ever get to be "blue light" which is evidently the super good designation for a kindergarten kid.  We talked and I assured her that I loved her no matter what.  Both girls went to school cheerfully.

When the girls got home tonight they told me all about their day.  No complaints about the heat, the cold water or the fans.  Before they went to bed they "built a three horse sleigh" and went for a ride. I absolutely love their sense of imagination!

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