Thursday, August 8, 2013

Busy Kids

We had a very busy day as we are getting ready for a trip this weekend.  We had an early breakfast and the girls watched a Tinkerbell movie while I cleaned the dishes and read the newspaper.  After I read the paper we went shopping.  Then the girls had fun doing a couple of art projects.  It is interesting to watch how they both approach drawing now.  Roni is very impressionistic - preferring to use lots of color - she drew rainbows and Rose likes to draw people and animals - she drew an owl family.  

After we finished up with their projects they helped me clean out the car, it never ceases to amaze me how much junk I can fit in the back of the car.  I found a pair of shoes that had been missing for at least a month, two beach towels, multiple kids aprons from Home Depot and some markers.  After cleaning the car they pulled weeds out of our flower bed.  Then while I washed clothes and cooked dinner they played with dolls in their room and watched Cinderella (oh to be a kid again).  

My hubby down loaded all my photos off the camera so I went to my archives for the photo below.

This was right after they got glasses.  

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