Friday, August 16, 2013

Flashback Friday - China 2010

We've been watching the Little Couple on TV and it's Got me thinking a lot about our time in China. 

Me in the Hotel in Hong Kong.  I was amazed that we were all the way across the world and a day away from being parents.

The view from our room in Nanchang.

In our arms at last.  I was trying hard not to cry.  They were more beautiful than I had ever imagined.

Daddy with Rose.

Me with Roni.

My sweet Rose.

My adorable Roni.

The People's Park Nanchang.  Daddy went while I stayed at the hotel and tried to get the girls to nap.  Even then they didn't want to sleep.

Finally some smiles - this is at The White Swan.  We got a family suite it gave us a chance to spread out a bit.

They were obsessed with tearing paper into tiny pieces.  We joked that they were probably employed at the SWI as paper shredders.

Chen Clan Academy (Guangdong Folk Art Museum).  I didn't get to tour it because Rose and Roni freaked out every time I tried to go into a room - there were ramps and this was after we took them to the health clinic -you guessed it up a ramp.

At the White Swan playroom.  Rose was starting to play with toys.  Even today she is much more attached to stuffed animals.

On the red couch at the White Swan.  It was December 2010 and I had dreamed of this moment since the fall of 2005. 

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