Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Birthday Bandit

We live in an amazing neighborhood.  When we decided to build in our neighborhood we were drawn to it by the sidewalks, nice neighborhood pool and houses that were a step up from our current home and yet still affordable.  We were the first house on our street and and were able to customize our house plan and pick out all the trims and landscaping.  Our neighborhood is also across the road from an elementary school that has a grade "A".  

Halloween is a fun time in our neighborhood.  Many families go all out in decorating and we literally have kids come in by the van load to trick or treat.  We also have a group that starts the holiday off by "spooking" families (one person gives three families a halloween themed gift bag -anonymously dropped off - with instructions to spook three families in turn.  

And now we evidently also have the added bonus that in our neighborhood lives the birthday bandit.  This lady uses her time, money and talents to create a birthday banner for the children in the neighborhood which she posts on your door.  She also gives each child a birthday treat bag and balloons.  I was very touched today when she made a belated visit to our house.  The girls loved their sign and enjoyed the candy.  It was a great end to the birthday week.

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