Saturday, August 3, 2013

Family Birthday Party

Today we got together with my sisters, their hubbies and kids, mom and pop and had a family birthday party.  Roni particularly looks forward to family gatherings.  Daddy took the girls for a walk while I decorated their cakes.  Both girls wanted their own cake, Roni wanted a "princess" cake and Rose wanted a "pony" cake.  I refused to buy the $59 dollar Princess cake at Publix and opted to do our own. Daddy purchased the same plastic castle and princesses that they used, I baked a sheet cake, iced it and put the plastic figures on top.  Rose's cake had plastic ponies and fences.  When they got back from the playground they didn't even notice the finished cakes on the dining room table.

I had suggested that everyone get the girls craft type stuff.  Two did, the other sister, Aunt DeeDee is their pool buddy, she got them cool stuff for the pool.  My mom got them these crazy laughing dogs and wooden letters to put their names on their rooms.  The girls had a lot of fun opening their presents and then doing a few of the crafts with their cousins.  We will try the pool things as soon as possible. 

Oh and super daddy not only took the girls for the walk, he put together a bed frame for their bed and he also moved the big TV from his office to their playroom.  The girls really liked it much more than the little TV they were watching.  They watched the first Tinkerbell movie before bed - that movie never gets old or them.

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